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With its unique nature and special location, Liberty Lara invites you to a holiday with yourself, away from everyone else.

Safe holidays at Liberty

We have taken all health measures for you under the supervision of experts. Here you are isolated from all over the world and you are alone with yourself. As Liberty Lara, we host only 65% of our capacity during your holiday and create healthy holiday conditions. We are awaiting for you; to enjoy a healthy holiday away from everyone else in this unique nature.
The Check-in procedures are arranged to minimize contact and proximity. You can check-in online without coming to Liberty.
We measure the body temperature of our staff and also your body temperature at each entrance to the facility.
You can always stay sterile with disinfectant points that you can easily reach which we provide.
We pay attention to our social distance in every area.
We clean your room in accordance with all hygienerules.
disposable cups, mask and for your hygiene we offer alcoholic wipes at your service.
Our master chefs will prepare, serve and deliver the dishes prepared especially for you in the most hygienic way.
We thought of everything for a healthy dining experience.
The pools are disinfected in a way that prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria, which we do measure continuously.
We do not bypass any area in a way to protect your social distance on the beach we carry out our applications precisely and ensure their controls frequently.
We use disposable glasses and closed bottles in the bar and in all our areas where drinks are consumed, according to your wishes.
We constantly disinfect our air handling units and air conditioners. We ventilate your room and common areas naturally.


You can access the measures we have taken against COVID-19 at our facility here.