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Antalya EXPO 2016

What is EXPO?
An expo is a world’s fair or universal exposition. Expo is also the event internationally known as the World's Fair, which has been held since mid-19th century.
The corresponding term in Turkish refers to an exhibition display or show. Expo is the largest cultural, historical and educational Olympiad in the world.

World's Largest Social Event 
When compared to the Olympic Games or the World's Cup, Expo is by far more important in terms of its sheer scale and duration as an event, the volume of investments made as a result of its organization and the number of visitors who travel to attend it; it is also recognized as the largest social and economical event in the world.

A Green Life for Future Generations
EXPO 2016 Antalya chose its title to highlight two precious and meaningful assets necessary for a green future: Flowers and Children. EXPO 2016 Antalya aims at being the start of a new way of thinking, the intoxicating scent of flowers and the laughter of children throughout the city bringing with it hopes for a greener world.
Flowers, thanks to their colours and fragrance, play the main role in the reproduction of plants and pollination, which result in seed formation.
In EXPO 2016 Antalya, flowers symbolize the green life that we wish to guarantee for future generations a green future depends on our capacity to sustain biodiversity and maintain a balance between natural and cultivated biodiversity.
EXPO 2016 Antalya will focus on the extremely important relation between humankind and plant diversity, offering a perspective on the evolution of cultivated plants and their relation to biodiversity. "Peony" has been chosen as the flower symbol of EXPO 2016 Antalya, which will be Turkey’s first Expo. Minister of Food, Agriculture and Feedstock and Chairman of the Board of Directors of EXPO 2016, Mehmet Mehdi Eker, has announced the flower symbol to be used in the introduction of the organization as "peony".
Sometimes called the “King of Flowers”, peonies have been grown in various countries as a state or palace plant. 

EXPO is referred to an event for gathering knowledge globally to create a world that is worth living in. More than a mere exhibition of products, EXPO showcases ideas, cultures and projects that concern the world’s future.
It is the largest cultural, historical and educational Olympiad in the world.
“World Exhibition”, is held every five years and runs for six months. Its participants include nations, international institutions, non-governmental organizations and companies. One of the most important characteristics of any Expo is its theme. The comprehensive themes of world expositions are universal ideas and relate to the whole of humanity.
The 2010 World Expo was held in Shanghai, China, and hosted a total of 73 million visitors.
Milan, Italy is hosting the 2015 World Expo.

What awaits you there?
The exposition site will include: -
·        the Expo Tower, symbolizing the historic Hadrianus Gate, one of the most important symbols of Antalya –
·        the first Agriculture and Bio-Diversity
·        Museum of Turkey -
·        Congress Centre with a seating capacity of 6500 –
·        two amphitheatres with the capacity to seat 5000 persons and 800 persons, -
·        the Children’s Island,
·        where activities will be held to train children while entertaining them, -
·        the Science and Technology Centre for Children -
·        countryside activity area to hold activities for children and their families, -
·        Expo Lake -
·        peony-shaped like terrace, which is the symbol of EXPO 2016 Antalya –
·        Expo Hill –
·        Expo Forest –
·        Expo Square –
·        Culture and Art Street –
·        Restaurants to reflect our architectural culture.

EXPO TOWER (114m): 
The tower is in the northern part of the area and located to the south of the main entrance gates. Structure consists of 2 basement storeys, one entrance level and 17 floors. Total length of the tower is 114.10 meters and its diameter is 10.40 meters.
Thanks to its height, the unique landscape of EXPO Area and Antalya can be enjoyed from the EXPO TOWER and with its design inspired by The Three Gates (Hadrian's Gate) and Palm Tree; the tower will surely become one of the landmarks of Antalya and Turkey.

 Located in the southern portion of the exhibition site, the small amphitheatre is a 1600 m2 with an 800-person seating capacity. The small amphitheatre will be used to host cultural activities and events and art activities by participating countries. The planned stage area is 255 m2.
There are two amphitheatres, one large and one small, that is planned to be built in Expo area in order to host concerts, celebrations for national and special days and cultural and arts activities countries would like to perform. 
Located in the north of the area, the large amphitheatre will have 3000 m2 area and 4930-person capacity. It will be used for many concerts, stage shows, and national and special day celebrations. Stage area will be 733 m2. 

Representing the three phytogeographical regions of Turkey, the 180 meter-long course consists of 80 meters of warm climate, 50 meters of temperate climate and 50 meters of cold climate sections. Euro-Siberian flora region in the north, large steppe regions and Persian - Turan flora region in the middle and the Mediterranean region with drought and semi-desert areas will be included inside course layout.

Children island, located between country gardens and the large amphitheatre, will be accessible via 4 bridges. Kids’ Island will have 100 meters of diameter and it will be covered by a duomo as large as 80 meters of diameter which will have a world map on it. Under this structure, there will be 3 play and activity hills with different sizes; 1 stage and activity area; a hill for amphitheatre, play and activity; an imagination road and a maze for children.

This Convention Centre is designed to host symposiums, conferences and indoor performances that will be taking place during EXPO 2016 Antalya.
It will consist of 13 saloons and its total capacity will be 9.500 combined with 3 indoor areas located nearby.

As you bask in the different attractions and themes in respect of this spectacular organisation, at the same time, do not forget to take a holiday in Antalya,
with it's wealth of historical treasures and stunning coastline.

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