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Antalya Hotels

Why are Antalya’s Hotels so popular?

Antalya Hotels have become all-important for foreign tourists especially after the adverse events our nation and in particular the tourism sector experienced. Nevertheless, despite the negative impact of 2016, Antalya Hotels came through the summer season with minimal damage.

If these repeated adverse events happened in another overseas tourism region perhaps it would have taken at least 3 years to recover and during this process many hotels would have changed hands.

However, the important attributes which separates Antalya’s Hotels from other overseas hotels is because we implement the All-inclusive accommodation concept better than anyone else. What we are referring to when we say ”better than anyone else” is that we are always increasing the quality of service and choice and in this respect, each year it is evolving naturally.

The main advantage or influence the Antalya Hotels have in the All-inclusive market having progressed to this point is in the main to do with the food sector as we can easily obtain favourable rates for food products sourced from our internal markets.

This particular characteristic is available in just a few overseas tourist destinations. The Antalya Hotels holds a strong advantage from a food cost perspective as it can always offer guests an enhanced food quality and choice which is a major plus factor.

There are still those within the tourism sector who claim that the All-inclusive system is much maligned and consider the half-board and bed & breakfast concept more favourable and there are some points where they are right, however the recent negativity the Antalya Hotels experienced during 2016 clearly demonstrated the All-inclusive systems many plus factors.

Namely that in previous seasons overseas guests who would normally prefer Antalya Hotels (especially young families with children) but were apprehensive because of the numerous incidents and adverse events of 2016 and decided on spending their holidays in destinations such as Spain, Italy, Ibiza and Greece. However, mainly families with children were forced to spend their holidays in these tourist regions on a half board or full board basis which meant that they did not receive the same conditions or levels of comfort they were accustomed to at Antalya Hotels. The budget for food and drinks was not fully adjusted which in affect meant the overall cost of their holiday far exceeded their budget.

Guests mainly from European markets who normally take 2 to 3 holidays a year after having experienced for themselves the difference in quality and service in other overseas holiday destinations are now exercising their rights to once again on spending 2 or at least 3 holidays at a Antalya Hotels. When we met some of our guests who experienced these issues, we asked them why they changed their initial decision after having chosen another holiday destination and decided on exercising their rights to spend their holidays at a Antalya Hotels. When we put this question to them the response was practically the same. The first and main concern to change was of course, security concerns.

The reasons theyonce again prefered Antalya Hotels

The expenditure or outlay at a half-board or full board basis opposed to All-inclusive basis at an Antalya Hotels is almost twofold. In addition to this, during their holiday they (especially young families) will further incur extra costs in the main being; additional entry fee for beach, sunbeds, umbrellas, lunch and drinks and other unexpected costs which have not been factored into budgets. Also, the guests did not receive the exemplary levels of service or customer focus they would normally experience from an Antalya Hotels.

In this respect, the levels of service/quality offered at a 5 star Antalya Hotels continuous to go from strength to strength, reaffirming Turkey's position in today’s global tourism sector as a product leader. As we are in the early stages of 2017, for the New Year, we are hoping for a much better summer season for Antalya Hotels.

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