Best Shoppings in Antalya

As a ‘tourist’ where can I go to in Antalya to find the best Local Markets and Shopping Malls (Aliş Veriş Merkezi) within close proximity to the Liberty Hotels Lara.

Antalya is a shopaholic’s paradise. Some of the best shopping may be found in the historical old town Kaleici district as well as Gulluk, Şarampol pedestrian boulevard, Ataturk and Isiklar boulevard. Be sure to check out the vibrant daily fruit & vegetable street markets as there is one everyday in certain residential districts of Antalya. Bring your camera for capturing that Kodak moment. 

In Antalya you will find a variety of differents shopping items like the traditional Turkish gifts and souvenirs popular with tourists like textiles, gold and copper, brass, carpets, leather goods etc. In the historical old quater of Kaleici there are many antique shops specializing in interesting treasures--jewellery (necklaces, earrings, rings), candlesticks, various types of hand-crafted boxes, rugs, etc. Items from the Ottoman period to the early 20th century. 

The local street markets offer a wonderful opportunity to sample the enticing atmosphere resulting from the wonderful aromas. An excellent place to buy small gifts like spices, coffee, tea, turkish delight and little trinkets - it is an absolute paradise for these small but cheap souvenirs.

Some of the major shopping centers which have sprung up around the City of Antalya are; Terra City, Migros 5M Shopping Mall, Deepo outlet shopping Mall and Mark Antalya Shopping Mall. Expect to find an abundance of local and international trendy designerbrand name. Also available is a great selection of stores from which to purchase local souvenirs.
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