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Honeymoon Hotels Antalya

A Honeymoon holiday  at a Antalya Honeymoon Hotel

After all the stresses and excitement today’s newly weds or couples considering getting married go through before and during the wedding, the most memorable and priceless moments couples dream of is the honeymoon they will spend together. For some, a honeymeoon lasts 1 or 2 months and for others, a hoeneymoon lasts a lifetime.
In this respect, choosing the hotel is vitally important for couples who dream of spending thier honeymoon in a beautiful setting.  It is necessary for the services of the hotel these guests have chosen are special and unique to them because within the timeframe of their honeymoon they want to experience all the wonderful senses and emotions they have been dreaming of. Not every hotel is a honeymoon hotel.  The most important factor when choosing a honeymoon hotel, is that you take great care when reseaching the level of services the hotels who claim to be a honeymoon hotel offers to honeymoon guests 
First and foremost, if the hotel is claiming to be offering  ‘Honeymoon services’ a special “Honeymoon suite” room concept should be offered to honeymoon guests. On arrival, the couples should be offered  champagne and flowers during their unique check-in proceedure. After which, providing the guests with  possibible options and all relative detailed information of the “Honeymoon concept”. Some hotels prefer to place an information booklet in their rooms rather than articulate the honeymoon concept information to the Honeymoon couple on a one-to-one basis and by doing this, the guests may not be informed or the information is overlooked.  The hotel most definitely provide guests who have come for a honeymoon with a unique and exemplarary sevice throughout their stay.
When acquainting the intended guests with discount cards during the arrival proceedure,
it is necessary to provide the guests with the discounted advantages of the payable  options at the hotel; massages, treatments at the Wellness centre, the hairdressers services , room service, A La Carte restaurants or the non-payable options. 
On the subject of a Honeymoon hotel, the Liberty Hotels Lara has provided an exemplary level of service for many years. For this reason, we look forward to welcoming honeymoon couples to our hotel  for a honeymoon holiday full of priceless, unforgettable moments.
For more information about our Honeymoon services, concepts,  you can send an e-mail with your questions and requests to our Guest Services managers,Mr Fatih Çay’s e-mail address.
CLICK on to our Guest Relations Managers direct e-mail address 

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